HIFU uses the power of ultrasound to safely lift and tighten skin.

The future of skin treatments is here; our SKPRO 3D HIFU treatment has emerged in response to the increasing demand for noninvasive procedures for skin lifting and tightening.

Using ultrasound energy to encourage the production of collagen, clients will benefit from firmer, youthful skin.

During treatment, ultrasound is micro-focused below the skin’s surface to cause cellular friction and precise, pin-point heating.

Similar to a magnifying glass focusing sunlight, heat is only generated at the focal point, leaving the skin’s surface and intervening tissue unaffected.

Tissue at the focal point is heated to around 65℃, causing immediate collagen contraction and denaturation, and initiating aggressive collagen synthesis.

Over 90-180 days, the wound-healing response stimulates long-term tissue remodelling and leads to further lifting and tightening, with results that can last a year or more.

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